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Employment Contract UK

If you need an Employment Contract UK style then Legal Edocs Limited has the answer.

The Legal Document Company (LDC) ceased actively trading on the 31st March 2010 but fortunately Legal Edocs Limited has stepped into the breach to support LDC customers.

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Our employment documents cover the law as applicable to England & Wales (but not Scotland or Northern Ireland). Whether it is an executive service agreement, standard contract of employment or a simple "blue collar" employment contract our documents are flexible enough to cover all levels of employee including part-time workers and fixed-term employees.

Employers are required by law to give a written statement of the main terms of employment to their employees within eight weeks of them starting work. A contract of employment is the best way of doing this as it includes terms about when it will commence and how long it is for, working hours, pay and overtime, whether there is a collective agreement, disciplinary procedures, dismissal, grievance procedures, and company cars and how the employment contract can be ended.

The employment contract is also a statement of the other terms of employment, such as the provision of company cars. The employment contract also incorporates your employment procedures by reference such as your health and safety policy, flexible working policy and retirement procedures

Employment Policy

These days a staff employment policy is as important as the contract terms. The Legal Document Company provide guidelines on practical employment procedures that are suitable for almost any industry or market.. With regular updates as the law changes we ensure that your employment policy is as up-to-date as possible..

Employee Handbook

A good Employee Handbook forms the backbone of a successful HR department. Whatever other employment documents you may have an Employee Handbook is probably the single most important publication you can issue in terms of harmonious staff relations. With a well thought-out and drafted Employee Handbook you can pre-empt and avoid unnecessary disputes over all sorts of issues such as holidays, flexible working, personal use of e-mail and the Internet, company cars and so on.

By using our Employee Handbook you will also have the full range of policies and procedures covering disciplinary  procedures, grievance procedures, capability policy, flexible working, health and safety, company cars, retirement, adoption leave and pay, maternity leave and pay and many more all set out in a convenient format.

Our employment contract and employee handbook, which are updated every time there is a law change, are supported by our practical guidance and by our 24 hour legal advice line to give you peace of mind

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